Looking For A Few Good Artists

I’ve been getting the itch to collaborate lately. I’ve tried my hand at drawing a bit over on the LAW Blog, but aside from some very basic cartoony figures, I don’t really have the chops to do something like a comic. Of course, I love comics and want to make my own either physically or digitally, whatever works. Anyway, I figure some of you fair readers might be artists and I’m full of stories, I just need an artist or two or twelve to work with. Here’s a story that popped into my head the other day that I did a few sketches for.It’s about a group of kids who find a strange, mean animal underground. He’s so sickly that he can barely yap at them, but they take him in anyway, moving him from house to house to avoid their parents finding out. As they feed him, he gets stronger and slowly gets bigger and bigger. As he grows he’s getting meaner and changing, becoming less mangy looking and taking on a sleeker appearance. Soon enough the babysitter gets involved, but by then, it’s too late and the beast has gotten away. On his own, he starts attacking and eating as much as he can. Soon enough he’s a giant Gozilla-esque compilation of various animals starting to lay waste to the town. That’s when the kids’ dad comes into play, he works in the museum and has access to tons of old timey weaponry and knowledge that he will use to team up with his kids in an attempt to stop the monster.

It’s nowhere near complete, but I want to create a story that reminds me of the kinds of movies and cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid and the crazy daydreams I used to have. But, if you are an artist looking for a new project and that doesn’t sound like something you’d be interested I’ve got tons of ideas from a zombie western to a mythology based super scientist. Drop me an email at tjdietsch AT gmail DOT com and we’ll talk.

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