Late To The Xbox Live Party: TimeShift (2007)

After not playing much of anything for a while, getting back on the Peggle train and being infinitely disappointed with Dead Rising 2 which I disliked so much that I only played it a few times before selling it back to Game Stop, I was looking for something new to try out. I haven’t had the best luck with games lately (though I still love Peggle, of course) I didn’t want to spend too much money on some games I might not be too smitten with. I recently stopped trying to play Brutal Legend and traded that in and still have Bioshock and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 which didn’t suck me in right away, but I needed some new blood in the water so I picked up TimeShift and Mercenaries 2 in the last few weeks. Luckily, I had a lot of fun with TimeShift thought it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting when I popped it in.

As usual, I skipped most of the story, but you’re a dude in a time altering suit running around shooting people and using your powers to save the day and get back to your regular time. I think it might also be a strange alternate universe kind of thing in which WWII was involved, but like I said, I skipped all that nonsense. I just wanted to shoot some bad guys.

Overall, I thought the game was a lot of fun, but wasn’t spectacular by any means. The running and shooting mechanics were all good in my book and didn’t seem buggy at all. The various weapons at your disposal were fun, I especially liked the crossobow with exploding arrows which reminded me of Chewie’s blaster bow in Star Wars. The beat down controls weren’t great, but this is clearly not a hand to hand combat fighting game. The game really lives and dies on the time altering mechanic which works out pretty good, though, for some reason, I thought it had the ability to age or de-age specific objects instead of just moving time back and forth or just stopping it altogether. There are some really annoying moments in the game that involve hitting a button and then shifting time that are completely unnecessary, but overall it’s pretty fun. Actually being able to freeze time, run up on the bad guys and plug them with exploding arrows or throw sticky grenades at them and watching everyone die once time catches back up is a lot of fun.

Without being spectacular in any way, TimeShift gave me a game that got me back into playing first person shooters again which will hopefully lead into other games soon. Hey, for under $10 used, you can’t really go wrong with anything that gives a few weeks’ worth of entertainment, can you? Not in my book. I’m thinking of taking Mercenaries 2 back because it’s too damn buggy. I read online that you’ve got to unplug your internet cable just to play the damn thing. I think that’s worthy of a return. Really, I’m waiting for the Wolverine game to drop just a little bit lower in price so I can get that. Maybe by then, I’ll be interested in space marines again and try out Mass Effect or Gears of War 2.

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