Halloween Scene 2019: Vertigo

As I mentioned in my Halloween Scene 2019 kick-off post, I’ve decided to stick to Vertigo comics this scare season. The reason for that is two fold. First, the imprint was officially shuttered earlier this year and second, I was already pretty close to finishing up House Of Mystery.

Halloween Scene: Vertigo Visions – Phantom Stranger

One of my favorite things about comics is when companies allow their characters to be experimented with in wild and different ways. It worked really well with Afterlife With Archie and was also a huge staple of DC’s Vertigo books for a while. Concepts like Sandman, Black Orchid and even Prez received more serious looks … Continue reading Halloween Scene: Vertigo Visions – Phantom Stranger

Trade Post: Marvels, Atlas Volume 1 & Gotham By Gaslight

Marvels (Marvel) Written by Kurt Busiek, painted by Alex Ross Collects Marvels #0-4 Going into last weekend, I pulled out a random sampling of mostly one-off trades that I wanted to make my way through this weekend. Some I had experience with, others were brand new to me. I’m splitting the experience between two posts, … Continue reading Trade Post: Marvels, Atlas Volume 1 & Gotham By Gaslight

Trade Post: The Pile

Hey Gang, seeing as how I’ve got a lot of time on my hands now, I’ve been tearing through some movies and trades. I haven’t done posts yet, but you can be on the lookout for more of those down the road. These trades are actually from last week and the week before. As usual, … Continue reading Trade Post: The Pile

Theatre Hopping

2008-07-194:17:52 am Hey Gang, sorry about not posting recently. I’ve been falling asleep pretty early (cause I’m getting old) which cuts my viewing and reading time sufficiently. But, I have been reading a few things here and there. I’ve had a copy of Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 3 in my “to read” pile for a … Continue reading Theatre Hopping