Ambitious Summer Reading List: Fletch And The Man Who By Gregory McDonald (1983)

I have an interesting relationship with Gregory McDonald’s Fletch books. I’m essentially in love with the movies Fletch and Fletch Lives. They were favorites of my dad’s so we would rent them fairly often and watch them whenever they were on TV. I own both on DVD and still enjoy watching Chevy Chase a few … Continue reading Ambitious Summer Reading List: Fletch And The Man Who By Gregory McDonald (1983)

Book Review: Fletch’s Moxie by Gregory McDonald (1982)

Fletch’s Moxie is the third book starring the character made famous by Chevy Chase in the films Fletch and Fletch Lives that I’ve read. The other two were the first book, Fletch, and another one called Fletch Won. I can’t really remember many of the details of either book off the top of my head, … Continue reading Book Review: Fletch’s Moxie by Gregory McDonald (1982)

Dragnet (1987)/Fletch Lives (1989) Double Feature

Today was a pretty busy day. I was thankfully so busy with freelance work that I still haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast I was on, nor was I able to go outside and enjoy the nearly 70-degree weather, but I was able to watch a few movies while I worked. I … Continue reading Dragnet (1987)/Fletch Lives (1989) Double Feature

Trade Pile: Black Canary, 3 Geeks & Harlan Ellison

It’s been way too long since I wrote about comics here on the site, so let’s jump back in. Between library borrows, my existing To-Read boxes (roughly two long boxes at current count) and the recent discovery of a store that sells super cheap trades, I’ve got a lot to read. Let’s get into it!

My Favorite Book Reading Experiences Of 2018 Part 1

It feels like I always had something interesting to read in 2018, but it took me a long time to get through some of them. Thankfully, I’m glad I stuck with the books as they all proved worth the effort at the end of the day.

Rad Lady Trade Post: Velvet, Gotham Academy & Hellcat

I was on a pretty bad streak when it came to trades from the library. Unfortunately, a lot of them just weren’t my cup of comic tea and then I got the first two Velvet trades by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting, the team that launched the iconic and fantastic Captain America. This Image series … Continue reading Rad Lady Trade Post: Velvet, Gotham Academy & Hellcat

Halloween Scene: The Old School

Even though I had a lot of luck with new movies, as documented in this earlier post, I still went back and watched some old movies I’d never seen, plus a few I had seen but only once and an old favorite or two.

Gotham Trade Post: Gotham Academy & Batgirl

Gotham Academy Vol. 1: Welcome to Gotham Academy (DC) Written by Becky Cloonan & Brenden Fletcher, drawn by Karl Kerschel with Mingjue Helen Chen Collects Gotham Academy #1-6 A week or so ago I went on another library requesting spree. I wound up with something like eight New 52 trades that I was curious about. … Continue reading Gotham Trade Post: Gotham Academy & Batgirl

80s Odyssey: 48 Hours (1982)

Eddie Murphy was one of the Saturday Night Live stars whose films my dad introduced to me when I was a kid. I can’t tell you how many times we watched Trading Places or the Beverly Hills Cop movies when they’d come on TV. But, 48 Hours is┬ásomething of a blind spot for me. I … Continue reading 80s Odyssey: 48 Hours (1982)