Adventures In Freelancing: Looking Back At 2015

monkey-typing2015 was the fifth full year that I worked as a freelance writer. It’s wild to think about. I got unceremoniously and somewhat surprisingly laid off from Wizard in September of 2009. With no idea what I would do with the rest of my career (a fun thought to have at 26) my friends jumped at the chance to set me up with freelance work. I wasn’t sure if it would stick, but dove in and am still rolling today.

That year I wrote for,, Topless Robot, Wizard, ToyFare, UGO, MTV Geek, Click and even a bit for CBR and realized I could actually do alright for myself with just my brain, a computer and a solid internet connection. Since then, a few of those outlets have gone defunct (I miss seeing my work on the magazine stand) and some completely changed directions since then. These days I find myself mainly working for three sites:, CBR and and I’m digging it. Looking back at the past year, it seemed like an okay time to reflect a bit on the ups and downs of the year. Continue reading Adventures In Freelancing: Looking Back At 2015

Casting Internets

I was on the now somewhat infamous Venom call with Rick Remender and Steve Wacker which resulted in this feature for Fun stuff. That book sounds pretty rad. Remender’s a solid writer who has some great instincts when it comes to playing with superhero conventions.

Hey, check it out, Ron Marz read my post about Silver Surfer and Tweeted about it. It’s kind of surreal to have him reading me. Marz reading Dietsch just sounds completely backwards.

Ben Morse calls super speed as his super power of choice. I think I’d go with long range teleportation because I hate traveling but like going places. Super speed would be a close second if I could shut it off.

My buddy Jim Gibbons offers up his thoughts on Wizard’s closing.

Thanks to Whitney Matheson for bringing Amazon Studios to my attention. Looks like I’ve got an interesting place to submit my screenplays to.

A new Planet of the Apes comic from Boom? Oh snap. (via Bloody Disgusting)

I’d like to welcome my pal John aka Cybergeek to the wonderful world of blogging!

Check out F1sh‘s custom Deadpool in the costume he wore when he thought he was an X-Men. Man, that dude knows how to paint doesn’t he? (via Toyark)

You think you like Superman? Jason George has got you beat. I especially like the spinner of watches.

Check out this rad post with scans comparing Marvel characters to football players and their positions. Fun stuff. (via Tom Spurgeon)

And finally, some sad news. John Barry, who composed the James Bond theme along with plenty of other memorable tracks has passed away. RIP Mr. Barry. (via /Film)

Casting Internets

Swipe File indeed. This sure looks familiar… ­čśë

Good on Chris Rock. I actually saw him at a mall once, but he was just pumping quarters in those rides for his kids which is also pretty cool (via PopEater)

Writers and artists being in‘s top ten most depressed jobs list does not surprise me whatsoever. Trying to keep up a freelance career while staying creative is not easy. (via HuffPo)/Film says there might be a Transporter TV series. As there aren’t too many rad action shows on right now, I’m in full agreement of this idea.

/Film also told me about Fast and the Furious 5 which is called Fast Five and stars Vin Diesel and The Rock. I haven’t seen the last few installments, but I’m in for any movie where the Rock actually acts like a badass. I didn’t even know that these old Hellraiser comics existed. I’m not a huge fan of the film series, but I’m really curious to read Boom’s Master Works volume with stories by Neil Gaiman and Alex Ross. (via Robot 6)

A Jets coach tripped a Dolphin on a kick off yesterday. Yeah, that seems about their speed. If they can’t stumble backwards into a win, might as well cheat. (via HuffPo)

The Board Game Remix Kit sounds amazing. (via Super Punch)