The Midnight Comic Club Episode 9 – Frankenstein Everywhere Else

Welcome to the ninth meeting of the Midnight Comic Club! In the third and final look at Frankenstein-related comic books we plunge into the waters of Dick Briefer, EC Comics, Warren, Image, Dark Horse and a variety of other companies. In this episode we see writers and artists experiment with all kinds of variations on the theme ranging from setting and sex to superheroics!

As always, I mention a lot of titles in the episode. I’ll link to them here and also show off some images below to help create a fuller experience. Frankenstein: The Mad Science Of Dick Briefer, The Monster Of Frankenstein By Dick Briefer, the Jack Davis-drawn “Mirror, Mirror On the Wall ” can be found in glorious black and white in Fantagraphics’ ‘Taint The Meat…It’s The Humanity, Creepy Archives Volumes 1 and 2, Eerie Archives Volume 1, Top Cow Monster War, Doc Frankenstein, Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Prodigal Son Volume 1, Madame Frankenstein and Frankenstein Underground!

Casting Internets

Didn’t read a lot last week, but here’s what I dug.

First off, my stuff. I wrote about Pathfinder for CBR and Iron Fist’s costumes for

Next time I make a mojito, I’m going to use Ruhlman’s recipe, I don’t think I’ve been muddling enough.

I’m not much of an Alien fan (only seen it once), but I really dug this pulpy Alien cover I saw over on One Cool Thing A Day.

I have not yet read this very long The Believer interview with Marc Maron, but will…probably.

I’m also planning on reading this THR feature with Oliver Stone. His new movie Savages actually looks really good. Hope the dude’s still got it.

Lastly, a pair of Expendables links. First up, you can see the “final” poster for Expendables 2 above. (via Spinoff)

And finally, here’s a picture of Diamond Select Toys‘ upcoming Expendables 7-inch figures. I am very excited about theseas well as the Expendables 2 MiniMates below. I gotta catch them all.