Covering Vinyl: Johnny Cash At San Quentin

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these Covering Vinyl pieces, but I found myself compelled to draw a Johnny Cash cover today for a reason and settled on Johnny Cash At San Quentin because it’s iconic and fairly simple visually. Pretty excellent, right? I sketched it out first and thought about just leaving it in pencil or maybe even using water colors, but I decided to go with the oil crayons like I did when I drew Dark Side Of The Moon. My intent was to capture the blues and blacks of the image. I wish I had been able to get that white halo at the back of his head, but I got a little carried away with smudging the oil crayons together. Anyway, here’s my version. The pic came out a little orangier than the actual finished product, but this is pretty much how it looks. Lots of smudges. I should have done a better job of it, but I wound up getting all my fingers dirty so it became increasingly difficult. It’s nowhere near perfect, but I’m still pretty happy with it.I really wish I could have matched the colors better because I think that’s what really makes the cover interesting. Man, I love how the bass intrudes on the shot. That is all.

Covering Vinyl: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon

I thought about painting this week’s Covering Vinyl selection, which, for whatever reason, sent my brain straight to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon (not my favorite Floyd record, but still an amazing piece of art in all forms). I didn’t feel like getting my painting gear all out, so instead, I went with those oil crayon things that came in my art kit. I didn’t do a lot of prep for this, just busted out the crayons, drew a quick sketch from memory (hence why I forgot the offshoot of light going to the top) and then went to town, not worrying about the usual square constraints I usually do. Here’s how it turned out.After laying down the oil crayons I think just went over everything with my fingers to give it that blurry smudged look. It’s obviously not as solid as the original as far as the colors go, but I really like how it came out. And it didn’t take a lot of time, which is great!Let’s call it impressionist or some junk. Anyone want to join in on the Covering Vinyl fun? Drop me a comment. I’m sure I can come up with a subject earlier than Thursday and we can trade links¬† or I can post it here on UM!

Covering Vinyl: The Clash’s Give ‘Em Enough Rope

I missed last week because I tried drawing that rad Boston cover with the spaceship (the first one) and it turned into a complete, embarrassing mess. And you’ve seen the low quality of some of my art, so you can imagine how poorly it turned out. This is the first installment of Covering Vinyl where I drew a record I don’t actually own (either on vinyl or disc). The idea to do a Clash record just came to me and I went with Give ‘Em Enough Rope because it wasn’t a picture of actual people. The two elements I had the most trouble with–aside from the marker coloring that didn’t turn out great–were the letters which I penciled and then went over with a Sharpie and all the blacks on the two men and birds which look like bad copies of newspaper photos. I ended up coloring the everything except for the guys and the horse. I like how it turned out. Wish I could have figured out how to get the figures the right colors, but I think it would have just looked worse in the long run. The borders got a little cut off in the scanning process and this was the fourth or so try so I just went with what mostly worked. Here’s the two next to each other. Fun stuff. I’m really happy with how the letters came off, though I should have done some guide lines to makes sure everything as straight, but that’s something I’ll work on for next time!

Covering Vinyl: Queen’s A Kind Of Magic

Oof, this one didn’t turn out so well. When I came up with this idea last week, Queen’s cover of A Kind Of Magic actually popped into my head as a follow up because I’ve never drawn anything this cartoony. I know the record came out in 1986, but it really reminds me of the Genie from Aladdin.It’s a pretty fun cover, no? I started off with pencils and then decided to color with markers right from there, which is where my problems began. Well, as you can see, my first problem was getting all four band members on the same page and in the right scale. Clearly I failed and had to squeeze the dude on the far right into the image. Here’s the colored version without any Photoshopping. I tried to figure out a way to get the black and splashes of color in with Photoshop, but it didn’t work right away, so I just threw an effect on from the Artistic section and here’s the result. I really like the effect because it covers up some of the coloring incongruities that I can’t seem to get past when using markers. I probably should have just done the outlines in marker and then dumped color in with Photoshop. I’ll have to remember that one. Anyway, here’s the comparison.¬†

Covering Vinyl: The Who It’s Hard

I’ve decided to take on a new challenge for the blog. I’m taking a page out of Covered‘s book and will be taking a record cover and doing my best to draw it in my “style.” I started flipping through my small record collection and quickly settled on The Who’s It’s Hard because, well, it’s got a pretty basic design and has an arcade game in it–Atari’s Space Quest, a game I’ve never heard of and clearly isn’t being played in the actual picture. Here’s the original.And here’s my rendition, my apologies to, well, every member of the Who. And finally, the two Whos side-by-side. I still don’t consider myself much of an artist, but it’s interesting looking at the finished product and seeing what I didn’t do quite so well and how little things change the composition. Take Pete Townsend for instance (the guy on the left). By accidentally changing a few aspects of his jacket, it looks like he’s leaning in more towards the viewer in my version. I’m still having a lot of trouble with hands and faces (especially noses), but I have a great time drawing and will hopefully be able to keep up with doing one a week. If anyone else is interested in joining me in Covering Vinyl, drop me a line and we can trade links.