Halloween Scene: Batman By Doug Moench & Kelley Jones Part 2

I’ve been having a great time watching connected films and a variety of horror books this season, but it’s very possible that re-visiting the Batman run by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones has been one of my favorite experiences so far. As I mentioned in the first part, these post-KnightFall books were bedrock-forming for my knowledge of not just the Dark Knight, but also the imagery of horror as put through Jones’ incredibly capable lens. As good as the Batman developments are in these issues as he regains his life after the Bane and Azrael incidents, it’s equally exciting to see these two creators work their magic on a variety of villains and co-stars.

Enter, if you dare…

Ad It Up: The Return of Clayface!!!

This little ditty comes to you from Major Bummer #5, October of 1997, just like last week’s. It sums up why I wish I had all of my old back issues with me here in New York and why I love comics from this time so much. Can you imagine such a big push for the return of Clayface nowadays? Well, probably not because he seems to be popping up every three months or so, but who’s counting? Heck, I even tried to count, but there are six Clayfaces listed on The Comic Book Database:

Clayface (01 – Basil Karlo) –
Clayface (02 – Matthew Hagen) –
Clayface (03 – Preston Payne) –
Clayface (04 – Sondra Fuller) –
Clayface (05 – Cassius Clay) –
Clayface (06 – Johnny Williams)

That is way too much research to deal with. Anyway, I also love that this ad is trying to bolster excitement for Batman #550 for a brand new character called Chase. I remember the push behind Chase much more than the actual stories in these comics (which are in my boxes back home) and was pretty happy when Chase showed up in Manhunter (even though I didn’t read that book much) and more recently in the fantastic Final Crisis: Escape, a book I don’t understand, but am in love with. Plus, how cool is it that two of the artists for the comic she debuted in are Kelly Jones and JH Williams III? I wish I could get them to draw me! Ah, good times.