Songs Of Summer Kid Rock Double Whammy

Sorry about the shitty quality of this video, but it’s the best I can do considering the official music video for “Cowboy” is not embeddable (again, I ask what the point of this is). I think I’ll save a recounting of my personal history with Kid Rock for another day, instead I’m going to drop two songs of his on you that always remind me of summer. “Cowboy” reminds me of driving around and trying to sing all the words (an achievement I’ve never made). It’s just a fun track with a good mix of hip hop, rock and country (one of Rock’s signature accomplishments and something I think he does better than anyone).

Kid Rock has seemingly made a career off of creating songs that just make you feel like it’s summer time, regardless of the actual season, but he went on the nose when he wrote “All Summer Long.” For some reason the official video for this one, which is on the official Kid Rock section of YouTube, IS embeddable. I’ll never understand you, Internet Overlords.

Damn, I love this song. Rock captures the whole idea of being “between boy and man” really well. It also holds a special place in my heart because the song and the video remind me of growing up on the lake in Michigan. While other songs make me think of driving in a car on those hot summer days, this one makes me think of cruising around the lake either lazily on a pontoon boat or zooming around on a speed boat. Good times.