Brutally Honest Video Not Personal But Hilarious

I have a confession to make, I love pop punk music. Green Day and Blink-182 Green Day were big with me when they started hitting big and I still dig both bands. Plus, as I’ve mentioned on here before, I really dig Fall Out Boy and the last Plain White T’s record is pretty good. It’s just fun, fast music that you can enjoy either in bits or as full albums. That being said, I take a lot of these bands on a case by case basis to see if they’re bringing anything new to the table. I’m not sure if I like All Time Low yet, though in a weird twist of fate, I saw this video for their song “Weightless” the day after I saw them on the only episode of Conan’s Tonight Show I’ve seen (I know, I’m bad for not watching it more often).

Anyway, I really like the floating word theme behind the video, especially when it pokes fun at ATL, makes fun of the people Twittering ( roughly “No one cares what you’re doing.”) and the appearances by FOB’s Pete Wentz and Blink’s Mark Hoppus. Even if you hate pop punk music, check the video out, I bet you’ll get a kick out of it.