Bon Jovi Gives The World Yet Another Song About Superman

Before it become abundantly clear that this was a Bon Jovi video, I actually thought Harvey Keitel was in this thing thanks to the weird flashes early in the video. As usual, this song about Superman doesn’t have any specifics about the character and would probably be written with a lower case “s” if it weren’t in the title of a song. I actually missed the title in the beginning and wasn’t paying much attention to the song itself, so I didn’t realize it was even about Superman towards the end. I was distracted by the relative lameness of the video. You’ve got Jon and company playing in a room, him singing in a white tube and then people standing on a soapbox with small blackboards saying what kind of charitable or humanitarian works they’ve done. There’s something about those kinds of videos that always falls flat for me, but at least it’s not a guy walking down the street. We’ve seen enough of those for a lifetime.