Christmas Stories: Christmas Peeps

Has there ever been a holiday themed treat so divisive as Peeps? It seems like you either love them or hate them, with very little room for a middle ground. I’m not big fan of them (I’d rather eat a toasted marshmallow without sugar on it), but I’m long past hating a kind of food. If you don’t like something, hey, don’t eat it. Done and done. Anyway, I knew the Peep domination had spread from Easter to Halloween and into Christmas, but I hadn’t seen them myself until a recent trip to KMart. You’ve got chocolate mousse reindeer, Christmas trees and snowmen to choose from if that’s your thing.

Whether Peeps are your cup of tea or not, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy them in one way or another. You might be expecting a YouTube clip of a Peep in the microwave (and it’s coming), but first up, check out this mash-up (marsh-up?) of Peeps and Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

I was also pleasantly surprised by this video of a monster bunny Peep attacking Lego people.

And of course, because you waited so patiently, here’s a Peep in the microwave.

And here’s three in a basket in a microwave. Epic.

Halloween Scene: Monster Poop

This weekend I will be attending the wedding of the Internet’s Ben Morse and his lovely bride-to-be Megan (aka, Miss Martian and Kinsey), so I won’t be able to wax poetic about horror movies. Instead, I’m bringing you Ghost Droppings and Dracula Droppings, two kinds of candy that are trying to sell themselves based on the idea that they are shit. Literally. I saw these at Adams and just had to take a picture. In reality they are Yogurt Peanuts and Cinnamon Balls (which sound gross). If you’re like me and completely immature, this will give you a good little chuckle. Don’t worry, I’ll be back with a more substantial Halloween Scene posts on Sunday. I’ll also be revealing parts of my awesome Halloween costume (I’ll give you a hint, it’s a superhero!).