Ad It Up: Konami Nintendo Spread

I’ve decided to bring Ad It Up back to UnitedMonkee in an effort to keep my Tumblr page all about the funny pics I take each week. This week’s entry comes from, I believe, a Silver Surfer comic from the late 80s. It’s a two page spread showing off Konami’s slate of games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Well, it more showcases a bunch of words instead of the game art which is an interesting choice. Anyway, get a look at Rush ‘N’ Attack, a game I can’t quite make out, Top Gun, Castlevania, Double Dribble, Stinger, Goonies II and Gradius. Goonies II was a pretty tough game if memory serves. I missed out on that Castlevania, but liked Simon Belmont on Captain N: The Game Master and probably played Top Gun and Double Dribble a few times, though even as a kid I realized that movie games were rough.