Milo Loves String Cheese

Our adorable cat Milo LOVES string cheese. He loves it so much that, when it’s 2:00 a.m. and I open a package of it in the living room, he will appear like a ghost out of nowhere (usually he’s sleeping with Em in the bedroom at this time) just to mooch a few strings off of me, which I gladly give up. I’m just amazed at his ability to either hear me open this highly specific package or smell the unveiling of cheese in the living room so intensely that he’ll rouse himself from slumberland for a few measly strings of cheese only to lie adorably next to me while I blog about such nonsense as him.A few moments after taking this picture I tried to take an even more adorable picture which led to a condescending look from the cat and then a round of bites on my wrist while I tried to tell the world how cure he is. Crazy, right? Must be some kind of LolCatz backlash as I’m positive my cat has fantastic grammatical SKILLZ.