Christmas Stories: Trees & Links

Thanks to an unexpected round of babysitting today, I didn’t have time to write¬† proper Christmas Stories post, so, I’ll lay a few Christmas related links on you.

First up, and not really Christmas related aside from the post title (“Good tidings!”), but still rad news, my buddy and fellow Wizard layoffee Jim Gibbons has announced on his blog that he got a job at Dark Horse and made the cross-country move from Jersey to Oregon. Congrats Jim!

In actual Christmas news, here’s a picture of our Christmas tree from a few years back. You can see ornaments of Flash, Superman & the cover of Action Comics #1, two Spider-Mans, Santa Homer and you can even see the side of my automated Clark Kent changing into Superman in a phone booth ornament. That’s a favorite of mine, but it’s pretty noisy.

Speaking of geeky Christmas decorations, IHeartChaos showed off this awesome Lego piece of Darth Vader in a sleigh lead by four tauntauns.

And finally, I stumbled on these video game-inspired Christmas songs done in the style of NES soundtracks (would that be MIDI?) by Doctor Octoroc. You can get the first half of the songs free here. Since I can’t seem to remember where I found this link, I’m sure you can figure out where to find the rest of the tracks from his record called 8-Bit Jesus on his site.