Quick Movie Review: Derailed (2005)

Derailed is one of the few movies I got from Netflix, but sent back without watching. I got it because, as many of you know, I’m a big Clive Owen fan and, well, that’s all I really knew about it aside from the fact that Jennifer Aniston is in it. Once I got it, though, I read the synopsis and found that it was about Owen’s character getting revenge after his mistress, Aniston, gets raped in a hotel room. Not wanting to watch something like that, I passed. But, it was on Bravo yesterday and I figured I’d give it a whirl. I missed the beginning, but here’s the basics. Owen’s married, misses his regular train and meets Aniston and they start an affair. Soon enough, a criminal (Vincent Cassel) breaks into their hotel room, attacks Owen and Aniston and leaves. Owen wants to call the cops, but Aniston says not to. Soon enough he’s being blackmailed by the attacker who’s showing up at his house and demanding all kinds of money. Things get worse from there as you might imagine.

I’m going to jump into SPOILER territory here, because I found the twist to be very interesting. It turns out that Aniston is actually in on the con with Cassell and Xzibit. I definitely didn’t see that one coming. After that, Owen’s life falls apart as his wife finds out and his job finds out he was stealing from them to pay the blackmailer. He then sets up a sting of his own and attacks Cassell, Aniston and Xzibit. There’s yet another twist at the end that seems sloppy at first, but then works out, but didn’t really surprise.

All in all, it was an alright movie, but lacked the action I want from a Clive Owen movie. I’m also pretty sick of movies in which I’m yelling at the main character for not just going to the cops and getting things figured out at a logical time. Hey, these things always blow up in your face, have you never seen one of these movies? Your wife’s gonna find out and blackmailers almost never stop, so just tell the truth. Ah well, it kept me busy while working yesterday, but I’d much rather watch him in something like Sin City.

Quick Movie Review: The International (2009)

Clive Owens is a cool dude. At least he seems so in his movies. I think I first saw him in Sin City, but I do remember hearing about his roll as The Driver in those commercials before that. From there I saw and really enjoyed Shoot Em Up, King Arthur and Children Of Men. I had Derailed from Netflix but it sounded too intense (Jennifer Aniston’s character gets raped), so I sent it back without watching. While flipping through the recently released Instant Watch movies on Netflix, I saw The International on there and immediately added it to the top of my list. I watched it last night and it was alright. Owens is as slick and awesome as he always is. The plot revolves around a big evil bank. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t completely paying attention (which makes this a rather lame movie review). But, I have to blame the movie at least a little bit. I’m sure it was relatively intriguing, but the only parts that dragged me away from the laptop were the action scenes. There’s a big shoot out in the Guggenheim which was really fun. I also had a good time watching him walk around NYC, trying to see if I recognized where he was (I didn’t). I did find it interesting how prevalent Chase was in the background of various scenes of him in the city. Were they cool with being in the “evil bank” movie? I should probably change the title of this to “A Quick Movie Scene Review” but that ain’t happening. Anyone actually sit down and pay attention? Should I give The International another look in the near future?