Toy Chest Central, The Toy Podcast That Could Have Been

Back in the fall of 2010 I had been laid off from ToyFare, but was still writing for them.  What I really wanted to do was branch out on my own and start a weekly collectible podcast that would cover the length and breadth of the toy world. I wound up filming two different episodes, but then it fell off the radar. I think I was partially worried about getting in trouble with my then-highest paying freelance client (Wizard) and also the new information that we were having a baby and I probably wouldn’t have time to keep up with it. The former probably would not have been a problem, but the latter has proven to be completely accurate. I didn’t want to start something and then have to stop for however many months and leave whatever viewers I amassed int he dark.

As you can see, it’s pretty rough. I keep bouncing around the frame from segment to segment. You’ll also notice some pretty gnarly cuts that leave much to be desired. The thing I learned from doing both episodes was that having an idea of what you’re going to say before getting in front of the camera is a great idea. I also had trouble figuring out a good way to set up the lighting, hence the lamp to the side there.

I will say that for all it’s problems — and all of my “ums” — I’m still pretty proud with how this turned out. Figuring out how to insert all those photos and videos in iMovie took a while, but wound up not being a huge hassle. The first episode I shot is pretty bad, so you won’t be seeing that one. This one is leaps and bounds better, so I wonder what it would be like had I kept up with it. Anyway, here’s what would have been the first episode of Toy Chest Central had I continued on with it.