Toy Commercial Tuesday: More Superman Goodness

A few years back I took the time to spotlight the rad 90s Kenner Superman: The Man Of Steel line (that was probably only rad to kids like me who were HUGE Man of Steel fans). The line didn’t last very long, but it gave us some really interesting commercials. The one you see above has a lot of the same figure as seen in the previous post from four years ago, but with the added awesomeness of Superboy’s motorcycle. Why would he need one? He doesn’t! He just wants one, so take that!

Also, I dig how into it those kids are! They really nail the “Don’t Mess With The S” slogan and I’m pretty sure one of them is dressed exactly like Marty McFly in Back To The Future, so bonus points for that.

Finally, how crazy is it that Conduit has an action figure?

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Superman, Doomsday & Conduit!

Oh man, you guys, I fell in love with this toy line hard. The story that got me into going to comic shops and buying monthly comics was the death of Superman. It blew me away at the time and holds up surprisingly well on repeated readings. Anyway, I was pretty blown away when I started seeing these action figures in my local toy stores. I don’t think I ever actually saw the commerical above, but was immediately drawn to the line which featured Long Haired Superman, Superman in Black Suit, Superboy, Steel, Doomsday and even Conduit, an interesting villain choice if ever there was one.

I thought had all of the figures including the Hunter/Prey Superman/Doomsday 2-pack, but after looking at this Cool Toy Review post, I’m surprised to find that there was a Lex Luthor figure I never knew about. I’m also disappointed that I never made the connection between this line and the ToyFare Eradicator exclusive that I probably could have gotten my hands on when I worked at the company. I do remember that 2-pack with Batman and shiny Steel, but they didn’t hold much interest. Lastly, how crazy is it that Massacre got a figure in this line?

I guess it’s cool that they tried to go with villains who were appearing in the comics of the early to mid 90s, but it seems so crazy to be talking about a line of Superman action figures without characters like Metallo, Toyman and or Brainiac. On the other hand, “Don’t mess with the S” is an awesome ad campaign, made all the better by Superboy’s performance.