Covering Vinyl: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon

I thought about painting this week’s Covering Vinyl selection, which, for whatever reason, sent my brain straight to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon (not my favorite Floyd record, but still an amazing piece of art in all forms). I didn’t feel like getting my painting gear all out, so instead, I went with those oil crayon things that came in my art kit. I didn’t do a lot of prep for this, just busted out the crayons, drew a quick sketch from memory (hence why I forgot the offshoot of light going to the top) and then went to town, not worrying about the usual square constraints I usually do. Here’s how it turned out.After laying down the oil crayons I think just went over everything with my fingers to give it that blurry smudged look. It’s obviously not as solid as the original as far as the colors go, but I really like how it came out. And it didn’t take a lot of time, which is great!Let’s call it impressionist or some junk. Anyone want to join in on the Covering Vinyl fun? Drop me a comment. I’m sure I can come up with a subject earlier than Thursday and we can trade linksĀ  or I can post it here on UM!