Christmas Stories: 12 Of My Favorite Christmas Records Of All Time

It doesn’t feel completely accurate to say that my wife and I like Christmas music. We freaking love it. We both come from homes that celebrated old school classics as well as newer material. As a result we have a pretty solid and impressive collection of Christmas music. In fact, we actually have an iPod dedicated specifically to Christmas music. When my wife got a new iPod, we took her old mini (which very appropriately is green), cleared out all the old stuff and loaded it up with holiday tunes. As soon as Thanksgiving’s over, we pop that bad boy on and dig those tunes until Christmas. I figured it would be a good time to lay down a list of some of my favorite records to listen to around this time. Hit the jump to dig these crazy tunes. Continue reading Christmas Stories: 12 Of My Favorite Christmas Records Of All Time

Toys and Cartoons in Music Videos!

I’m not sure if I like either of these songs as songs, but I dug the videos.

First up, Owl City’s “Fireflies” which has a dude playing the song in a retro kids room full of toys. I spotted Robo Sapien, Speak and Spell and a bunch more, it’s good stuff:

Second, I was struck by the unique animated style of this Death Cab For Cutie video yesterday morning, though, for the life of me, I couldn’t remember the name of the band until well over 24 hours later. I was only able to remember it based on the director’s last name being Robot (his name’s Walter Robot and his site‘s pretty rad). The song’s called “Grapevine Fires.”