Ad It Up: Double Dragon II: The Revenge

I don’t particularly remember the Double Dragon sequel. I’m sure I rented it a number of times or played it at my friend Zach’s house on a regular basis, but I never owned it myself. I also wasn’t reading comics at the time this ad came out (this scan’s from the 1990 issues of Ghost Rider #2), so I missed out on this rad art whose creator I haven’t been able to track down with a very basic Google search. I’m pretty sure it would have gotten me to go out and buy the game instantly because it looks awesome. Just take a few moments to bask. If only the comics, cartoon or movie were as cool as this one image. Actually, where’s our next gen version of DD? It would make a rad 360 or PS3 game and the right developers could probably come up with a fun version for the Wii with lots of punching and kicking.