Ad It Up: Double Dragon

When I look at this page I realize that Tradewest and the rest of the video game companies putting out games in the early days of the home video game market did not have Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price helping them out with their ads. I can not get Roger Sterling’s voice out of my head saying, “Why do the musclebound brothers look like their going to kiss?” I’m not crazy, right? That image conveys longing and love, not the “Let’s go kick ass and get our gut-punched girlfriend back!” spirit of the game itself, which is awesome by the way. An odd choice to say the least.

Ad It Up: Double Dragon II: The Revenge

I don’t particularly remember the Double Dragon sequel. I’m sure I rented it a number of times or played it at my friend Zach’s house on a regular basis, but I never owned it myself. I also wasn’t reading comics at the time this ad came out (this scan’s from the 1990 issues of Ghost Rider #2), so I missed out on this rad art whose creator I haven’t been able to track down with a very basic Google search. I’m pretty sure it would have gotten me to go out and buy the game instantly because it looks awesome. Just take a few moments to bask. If only the comics, cartoon or movie were as cool as this one image. Actually, where’s our next gen version of DD? It would make a rad 360 or PS3 game and the right developers could probably come up with a fun version for the Wii with lots of punching and kicking.