Collectorfest FTW

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Forget about Big Apple Con and New York Comic Con, Collectorfest is where it’s at. The local Newburgh comic show was held this past Saturday at the Knight’s Inn about seven minutes from my house. Aside from not taking forever to get to like the aforementioned NYC shows, Collectorfest also wins the con wars because 1. it only cost $6 to get into, 2. there were no crowds to fight and 3. I actually got great deals on comics. One dude had about four short boxes I dug through and another had comics he was selling BY THE POUND! Aside from that admission, I only dropped $6 in the show and walked out with 65 comics. Not a bad day’s work. I’m pretty psyched to read most of the Nth Man run (a book I know nothing about), some pre-Peter David Aquaman, a few Reign of the Supermen-era Superman comics I missed, the Jack of Hearts mini and all those awesome licensed comics (M.A.SK.! A-Team). I’d been feeling kinda down all week, but buying several pounds of comics really lifted my spirits!