It’s All Connected: Frogs (1972) & Food Of The Gods (1976)

Hey, it turns out we’re getting pretty close to the Big Day, so I’m going to bunch a few of these films up for a variety of reasons. I’ve teased this film a few times, but Frogs was actually one of the films I’ve been wanting to do for It’s All Connected since close to the beginning. I’m not sure, maybe it was watching Swamp Thing and its sequel that spawned the idea, but I’ve been craving some awesome Sam Elliott goodness and figured out a way to get to Frogs by way of his co-star Ray Milland, which is why I watched Terror In The Wax Museum. I fully intended to go a different direction from there, but then I blew the whole plan up and went with Food Of The Gods, continuing the “animals run amok” theme!

Enter, If you dare…

Halloween Scene: Food of the Gods

It’s been about 9 months or so since I tried my hand at recreating some horror poster art and I was bored on the train with my copy of Food of the Gods for Alex , and this was born my interpretation of this awesome DVD cover.

So, like I said, I whipped this bad boy up on the train, which doesn’t excuse any imperfections, we’ll chalk that up to my lack of artistic abilities (though I actually picked up a tiny new sketchbook and some art supplies today to really give it a whirl). Without further ado, here’s the original:

And here’s my version (please be kind):

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