Christmas Stories: Gentle Giant Snowbunny Padme Mistletoe Bust

In previous posts, I’ve written about Gentle Giant’s awesome holiday themed statues that they send out to folks around Christmas time. Back in 2008, I received the Commander Cody statue with light-up snowman and scarf, then in 2009 I got the Yak Face with reindeer antlers and candy cane cane. I figured, since I was no longer working at ToyFare, ol’ Yak Face would be the last one I’d get, which was a bit sad but totally understandable. Then as if delivered by Santa himself instead of the mailman, I was surprised and excited to find a Gentle Giant box in the mail.

Since it came after Christmas (or maybe after we left to see family for the holidays, I can’t quite remember), I didn’t put what has been dubbed Snowbunny Padme up, so she was a welcome addition to my little Star Wars shelf when the missus and I started putting our  decorations up. The mistletoe and furry cape are a really nice touch. I’m not going to get my hopes up this year, but you never know when a Christmas miracle is going to happen!

Christmas Stories: Gentle Giant’s 2009 Yak Face Christmas Bust

For a few brief years, I was on Gentle Giant’s holiday bust gift list. These very limited statues go out to some folks in the collectible community and are also sold to members of their collectors club. Last year, I took pics of the 2008 piece, which was an awesome Commander Cody wearing a scarf and holding a light-up snowman. While that piece was limited to 1500 pieces, last year’s Saelt-Marae (better known as Yak Face) bust only had 200 made (I’ve got #173). Yak Face here seems like your basic bust t first, but it comes with magnetic antlers and a candy cane to go in place of his regular cane to liven up the festivities. It’s a really fun piece with a furry beard which kind of creeped the missus out, but I can’t get enough of. To get an idea what the regular bust looks like, check this link. I think I got Yakky late in the season last year so this is the first time he’s made his way into our Christmas decorations. I think he fits right in!

Christmas Stories: Commander Cody

There were all kinds of perks about working full time at ToyFare. Of course, knowing what would be coming out before just about everyone else is high up there. Also, all the people were really cool and ridiculously easy to work with. And of course, getting cool stuff like this Christmas-themed Commander Cody bust with scarf an light-up snow man in his palm from Gentle Giant ranks pretty high up there. Thanks to me misplacing this bad boy last year, this is the first Christmas in which Cody will be joining the rest of our decorations. Heck, I didn’t even know he lit-up!

Awesome right? Right! Belated thanks to Gentle Giant and Ashly for making it easier for me to geek-up my Christmas decorations. Oh, also be on the lookout for this year’s Christmas Village, which Em put up over the weekend and I filled with MiniMates last night. I just need to snap the pics.