Toy Commercial Tuesday: Go-Bots Scales

My love of Go-Bots has been well documented here on the blog. I’m all for having multiple changing-robot franchises in my life. Anyway, I don’t have a lot to say about this commercial aside from the fact that I definitely had a toy like this (though I’m not sure if it was a Go-Bot). The one I had popped up and kinda-sorta transformed when you hit the license plate on the front. The second thing is that I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of digging up commercials like this where the company decided to sell the toy by simply showing kids playing with them in their homes. This isn’t a big crazy environment, it’s just two kids playing on their floor with some blocks and other appropriated toys.

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Go-Bots Double Feature

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I was the kind of kid who had plenty of room in his heart for two sets of transforming robot toys and the cartoons that helped sell them. I think even as a youngin’ I could tell that Transformers was allaround better produced, but I still dug Go-Bots, though I definitely had more Transformers than Go-Bots for whatever reason.

The above commercial has all the hallmarks of the action figure commercials I remember from my childhood with a few bonuses. First off you’ve got kids actually playing with their toys in what looks like a regular backyard, but then they’ve also got the kind of props that you’ll only every find in one of these 80s commercials (that rock slide is intense!). I’m a big fan of the dad being in this commercial as well which is something I don’t remember seeing a lot of. And, as a kind of personal element, I totally had the same haircut as these kids for quite a while.

No kidding, I just watched this Power Warrior commercial for the very first time and exclaimed, “What?!” when it was over. This toy is both amazing and another obvious attempt by the GoBots folks to try and replicate another successful toy line. On the one hand the Power Warrior not only offers vehicles for your GoBots to run around in, but also a way to bring them all together in one giant robot. On the other hand, you’re not only lifting from the awesome Constructicons/Predaking idea from Transformers, but also the basic conceit of Voltron. The Power Warrior pieces look a little on the flimsy side, though. Did anyone have this toy? Was that the case?

Ad It Up: GoBots & Quik


I can only imagine how the Transformers and Yoo Hoo fans must be snickering at this ad. Two also-rans in one place! But, as I’ve said, I liked the GoBots and I also happen to like Quik, so I’m all about this bit of advertising scanned from the first issue of the 1985 Punisher miniseries. Also, not for nothing, but this is a pretty amazing contest. Winners got a complete set of Gobot toys? Boom. I’d take that.