Honda Civic’s Rad New “To Each Their Own” Commercials

What do you get when you combine a lumberjack, a ninja, a monster, a zombie and a Lucha Libre wrestler? Unfortunately, not the next great super hero team. However, they do come together to make television commercials a little bit better thanks to a new series hyping the new (I’m assuming it’s new, I know nothing about cars) Honda Civic. Here’s the main commercial with all five!

But that’s not all, looks like each member of their team will be getting their own spot. I saw the zombie one earlier today and it looked pretty fantastic. I love how bummed out he looks when the ball cart grabs his arms.

Holy crap, the ninja one not only involves some ninja moves, but also a neon truck chase and some old school video games. Oh and a song that seems to be called “I’m A Ninja.” Super cool!

And then you’ve got the lumberjack one. It’s not quite as cool, but still fun.

Not since that epic Kia Super Bowl commercial from a few years back have I been this curious and invested in a group of characters designed and put together to sell me something I have no intention of buying.