Mattel’s Fast & Furious Toys Are Rad!

Having had about another week of time with these toys, I can say that all of them — even the larger ones — are absolutely super fun. My kids keep wandering over and playing with the smaller versions as well as the larger ones. To be honest, I also find myself launching cars through the mountain terrain. Now I’ve got to see the new film!

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Hot Wheels Color Changers

As I wrote over on PopPoppa, we got our daughter a basic orange Hot Wheels track for her birthday. You know, the kind with a clamp and a ramp? When my folks came out recently, they brought the box of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars I had as a kid out with them. After I saw that she was actually interested in playing with it, I broke out the other cars and she’s been enjoying it ever since.

While going through the box of cars I was reminded of that great, late 80s/early 90s trend of making everything change colors. It spread to Hot Wheels and their aptly named Color Changers line which you can see in the commercial above. I was a huge fan of these and showed them off to the kiddo which kind of blew her mind. Unfortunately, only a few of them still change. It kinda makes me want to dig through some boxes and see if my Hypercolor sweatshirt is still around. (I can’t find a picture of it on the internets, but it had a guy wearing a sport coat and hat that would change into shorts and a tank top.)

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

Now that we watch a lot more kid-oriented TV, I’m seeing all kinds of modern toy commercials, the kind of stuff I wouldn’t have seen for the past 10 years or so. One of the ones that impressed me the most recently was this brilliant idea from the Hot Wheels crew: car tracks that stick to the wall. This is the kind of thing that probably would have kept me interested in Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars long after they did because I’ve always been a fan pretty much anything that sticks to something else and moves. Remember those magnetic tubes you could put on your refrigerator and send marbles through? I loved those things. The wall tracks are basically that, but cooler.

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Hot Wheels Crack-Ups Crash Course

I was never a huge fan of Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars. I have a bucket of cars from various sources and I played with my dad and uncles’ cars which were still at my grandparents’ house for years and I think might still be in their basement, but there was never an internal desire to collect them. I was always more of an action figure fan. But, I always thought the commercials for the various sets were pretty damn cool. This one called Crack-Ups Crash Course looks pretty epic, but not quite as epic as that kid’s gigantic sideways blue hat. Incredible.