Halloween Scene Movie Roundup: The New Style

creep posterLike I said in my previous post, I was pretty busy with horror-related work leading up to this most glorious of holidays. I was actually able to reverse-engineer a binge on new horror movies into some lists which made the whole thing feel a lot more productive. Continue reading Halloween Scene Movie Roundup: The New Style

Jason Momoa To Direct & Star In Fight Club Flick Kane


Jason Momoa’s parlaying his success into a brand new film that he will not only star in but also direct, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The actor got his start on Baywatch before moving on to Stargate: Atlantis. He then made the jump to films starring in Conan The Barbarian and facing off against Sylvester Stallone in Bullet To The Head. He also played Khal Drogo on Game Of Thrones.

Now, the actor’s starrin in and directing Kane, which was shopped around the Toronto International Film Festival this past week by TF1. The film takes its name from Momoa’s character Kane Malu, a former boxer dealing with alcoholism who joins an underground fighting group in Detroit to raise money for his ex-wife’s medical bills. “Once in the lucrative underground fighting scene, he must face old demons and defeat a merciless rival from his past if he is to save his family and reclaim his lost destiny,” a statement said.

“I really wanted to make an action movie with heart and set it in Detroit,” Momoa said via statement. “The city used to symbolize much of what was grand and noble about America but then lost it all to economic decline and urban decay. This parallels the story of Kane Malu, a man who is down but not yet out. Kane is the story of a phoenix rising from the ashes.”

Production is expected to shoot in the D in January and February of next year.