What We’re Watching Friday Through Sunday

I’ve covered Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and now here’s the rest of the week. Our weekend viewing isn’t nearly as regular as the rest of the week, but I figured there’s no problem in being complete.

FRIDAY10:00pm – THE SOUP (E)
I absolutely love The Soup and have for years now, even back in the Talk Soup days. No one one television is more honest than Joel McHale, though Joan Rivers on Fashion Police which follows the soup at 10:30pm is doing her fair share of celebrity skewering nowadays. The pair actually make for a pretty damn refreshing hour of television and more laughs than whole blocks on other networks.

SATURDAYSaturday’s a football day. I’m a big Notre Dame fan and luckily their games are usually played on NBC or one of the other major networks so I don’t miss too many games. One of the strange things about living in New York is that, since there’s no real big college teams around here, they show games from all over, which is great. I’ll get to the negative side of this coin in Sunday’s section. 11:30pm – SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (NBC)
I am a long time and die-hard SNL fan, so I watch whenever I can. Consider our social lives have slowed down lately, we’ve been able to catch most of this season’s episodes, though we did miss Emma Stone and John Hamm’s recent ones. I think the episodes have been pretty damn funny lately and think the series is on a significant upswing so it’s a good time to watch.

SUNDAYWhile the area I live in offers a bevy of college football options, you’re stuck with basically two teams when it comes to the NFL, the damn Jets and Giants. Blech. Being a Steelers fan, none of that interests me. Even though Pittsburgh is just a few hours’ drive from where I live, I’ve only been able to watch two or three games all season. You’d think the local TV networks which service the biggest city in the world along with people from the outlying areas and also happen to stretch into New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut would have a little bit more varied viewing options. I know there’s a problems with NFL Network and licensing and all that, but come on, I’ve seen more tennis and yachting competitions advertised on certain days than football games. 8:00pm – AMAZING RACE (CBS)
The missus and I kind of stumbled onto Amazing Race because there wasn’t a whole lot else to watch on Sundays. We have fun watching the couples/pairs trying to work together while running all over the world. Fun stuff. I don’t really have a problem with The Simpsons, but can’t get into any of the other shows around it, which puts us at kind of a weird places as far as having something to watch. With football, Amazing Race generally gets pushed back which, now that baseball season is over, will allow us to watch both. Win win!10:00pm – WALKING DEAD (AMC)
Though I didn’t really like the first episode, I’ll come back for at least a few more of the first season’s six episodes. I’m hoping the next few episodes are a little tighter and more interesting, but we’ll see. If not, I’m sure there’s some movies coming up I’ll want to watch.

So that’s about it for our regular viewing. Sometimes I watch Jimmy Fallon’s show, though watching two horror movies a day during October got me out of that habit. I’m really looking forward to Conan coming back on Monday and will give that show a look on a fairly regular basis.

Trailer Time: Community and … Dance Flick?

Usually, trailers give me way more than I want. I don’t want to see too many details and scenes, especially important ones that give away too much of the movie. The ad campaigns that really did their job as far as hooking me as someone who didn’t really care at first, but got me more and more excited as the release date got closer and closer were Transformers, Iron Man and the upcoming Star Trek and Terminator Salvation. But then, sometimes trailers come up and surprise you for one reason or another.

Sometimes a trailer surprises you because you had no idea it was even int he works. I’m not the most connected guy when it comes to Hollywood news, but I like to think I stay pretty current on what’s coming out. Well, I was completely surprised when NBC posted the following trailer for an upcoming show called Community starring Joel Mchale and Chevy Chase (yes, FLETCH!!!) and produced, directed or created by someone involved in Arrested Development. Assuming Mchale stays on as the host of The Soup, I don’t see how Community won’t rock my face off.

And then, sometimes a trailer comes along that you fully expect to hate and it actually makes you want to see the movie. I felt that way when I first saw the trailer for Dance Flick. I’m assuming this is being made by the same people who made the sloppy and (from what I’ve heard, I haven’t seen them) awful, Movie Movies (Date, Epic, Scary, etc.). Well, I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve seen most of the goofy dance movies Dance Flick seems to be riffing on, that I have a soft spot for slapstick movies (I love Airplane, Hot Shots and the Naked gun movies) or the fact that it’s actually a quality movie, but this trailer did everything it’s supposed to. First it got me laughing, then it got me laughing harder. I’m not saying it ranks up there with the movies I mentioned above and they probably should have given the movie a more original title to separate this movie (which at least seems to have a more zeroed-in focus as far as what it’s satirizing), but Dance Flick actually looks funny. We shall see though.