Ad It Up: Karate Kid Playset

I don’t know about you guys, but I had a lot of toys as a kid that I couldn’t identify past “Ninja” or “Robot With Baseball Mit.” They all got put in a big tub or box that I would haul out and have huge battles with. The names weren’t super important so I would make some up or not even bother. In that same vein, I had the Karate Kid playset for years and never knew where it came from. A year or two ago, I was flipping through a comic and saw this ad for the Karate Kid toys from Remco and it all made sense. This playset is a fantastic one, with ninjas popping out from sliding doors and plenty of break-away parts for Daniel, Miyagi and the rest to crash through. I’ve got a few figures from this line as well, but if memory serves, they are of the generic ninja variety. If you’re interested in what I thought of re-watching Karate Kid recently, head over here. (Scanned from 1986’s Hex #17)

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Karate Kid

Anyone else remember this line of Karate Kid figures? I have some of the random ninjas, not Daniel or Mr. Miyagi. I’m guessing they came with the rad Karate Kid playset I had as a kid (and still have at my parents’ house) that I never knew the origin of until the last few years when I saw ads for it on the back of comics from the 80s. That’s one childhood mystery solved! Anyway, I love these old toy commercials that show kids both talking about the characters/figures like they’re real people and also controlling their actions at the same time. I’m sure that’s a deep rooted commentary on society or some such, but just look at how well those figures kick ass! I can’t say for sure I used this exact commercial, but I used a lot of commercials like this when I put together my list of greatest action features list for ToyFare. That was a super fun list to put together and was only helped by YouTube!