The High Five Episode 40 – Toy Movies

On this week’s episode, I’m running down some of the most interesting films based on toy lines, most of which began when I was a kid! Along the way, I recount my personal history with the toys as well as the movies and even give some history as we go. For sources I used the He-Man, Transformers, G.I. Joe and Barbie episodes of the excellent Toys That Made Us series on Netflix as well as some real life books: The Official 30th Anniversary Salute To GI Joe 1964-1994 by Vince Santelmo and The Art Of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe by Tim and Steve Seeley.

Here’s a fan reconstruction of the Universal Conan show that got Gary Goddard the job directing Masters Of The Universe!

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James Van Der Beek’s Epic Laser Fight With Kesha

I refuse to put the dollar sign in Kesha’s name, even if that means fewer search engine hits. We have to have standards, even if they’re typographical ones. Anyway, what a wonderfully weird video. It’s got anthropomorphic unicorns, a little bit of dancing, a big old mansion and most importantly a laser gun battle between James Van Der Beek and Kesha. He even calls her “Ke-dollar sign-sha!” It’s rad. Oh, by the way, the song is called “Blow” and it’s probably the least interesting part of the video.

Brushing Your Teeth With A Bottle Of Jack MIGHT Be Overkill

For the past week or two I’ve been hearing this song with what sounds like a drunk chick singing about the crazy night she had and the crazier night she’s going to have. It’s one of songs where you keep hearing it, but miss who sings it. After a quick search I found out her name is Kesha (no idea how to pronounce that) and the song is called Tik Tok, ugh. I haven’t figured out if I like it and want to party with her or if it’s annoying and she needs an intervention. Seems to me like Kesha here was picked up after Lady Gaga made a big hit with her more mundane party songs like “Disco Stick,” but before she started doing crazy videos where she dances in casts. I give it six months before Kesha here is wearing a mask that makes it look like her head is on fire at the next VMAs. Anyway, here’s the video: