The High Five Podcast Episode 33 – It’s All Connected 2021 Part 3

On this week’s episode, I’m carrying on with It’s All Connected Part 3! If you want to see where I went after the first and second episodes, you’re in luck! This latest batch finishes up my Mike Flanagan run, digs into the wild world of Stephen King adaptations and takes a few tangents in all the best ways!

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Quick Movie Review: Southie (1998)

Southie’s another one of those movies that I’m not sure why I put it on my queue. But I did and today I watched it. It was alright. Donnie Wahlberg returns from being away from Southie (a rough Irish neighborhood in the Boston area) for a few years. He’s given up drinking and wants to get a legit job so he can take some of the stress off of his ailing mother, but, as these kinds of movies go, he’s given no other real option than to return to a life of crime. But it’s not what you think, instead of being muscle for a mob guy, Wahlberg teams up with Will Arnett who’s starting up an illegal gambling club and needs some investment money.

There’s also some back story with Wahlberg almost killing a dude who’s also involved int he gambling house. The plot’s pretty by-the-numbers, but the performances are pretty good. You’ve also got Rose McGowan, Lawrence Tierney, John Shea (who also directed) and Amanda Peet who doesn’t really do much but play the girl our hero used to be in love with. Actually, now that I think about it, the plot’s similar to the original My Bloody Valentine, but without the axes and twist ending.

The movie’s completely skipable unless you’re a huge fan of anyone included. I had the most fun watching Arnett, because I’ve never seen him in a serious role. He kind of wavers on the Boston accent, but doesn’t commit enough to it in the first place for his lack of one to be annoying. Aside from that there’s a few fights, a lot of talking, the death of an old person and that shotgun in the poster? It shows up exactly once. You’d be better off checking out Four Brothers if you’re looking for a movie like this, plus, it’s got Mark Wahlberg instead.

Number One With A Bullet

3:50:32 am

Hey Gang, so, I’m not a big werewolf movie fan. It’s one of the many things I share with Brian over at

Horror Movie a Day. So, when I read about how much he liked the Stephen King-based Corey Haim, Gary Busey, Terry O’Quinn, Lawrence Tierney werewolf movie from 1985 called Silver Bullet. I’m actually going to let his

review speak for me as I essentially agree with him completely.

I will say, that I really enjoyed seeing Terry O’Quinn in something besides Locke (and the boss from Old School) and Tierney as someone besides Joe from Reservoir Dogs. It’s fun seeing these guys in other rolls when you’re so used to seeing them as specific characters.

Also, I gotta say that I found this to be a pretty effective movie. The werewolf effects weren’t great, but there was a Jaws-like sense of suspense by not showing him all too much. The mystery of who the wolf really is isn’t the main thrust of the flick, but it is a pretty tense moment when you find out who it really is.

And finally, you just can’t go wrong with Busey. He basically plays a slightly less crazy version of himself now and even adlibbed a lot of his lines, which King himself approved (if IMDB is to be believed). Good stuff.