Toy Commercial Tuesday: Another Terror-ific Trio

Sure, it’s actually Wednesday as I finish up this post, but I just had to get in another trio of fun-tastic spooky toy commercials before Halloween hit! First up, we have a super weird and gross example of just how, well, weird and gross the 80s got!

Meet Rude Ralph, a severed head that makes sounds when you yank on its bulging eye. Par for the course back then! But that’s not all! You could also get your hands on yet another disembodied head that stunk in the form of Breath Blasters. What a time to be alive!

Stumbling across Rude Ralph and the Breath Blasters was a nice surprise, but the discovery that really got me excited was a line called Rocks And Bugs And Things. First of all, that name is nuts, but does tell you exactly what you’re getting. Then you’ve got these super-fun play features that seem to be in line with both Rocklords and Insectoids. But, the best part of the ad is how they specifically go after G.I. Joe, Transformers AND He-Man with those silhouettes. That’s an impressive level of confidence from a toy line that I have never heard of before!

Finally, I know I posted about Manglors back in 2012 and still feel the same way about this wild toyline (I’d still like a firsthand account of their playability if anyone ever had them), but the old YouTube link is dead, so here’s a fresh one.

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Manglors

Back in my days at ToyFare we did a really fun feature about the 50 greatest action features of all time. Any time we did a big undertaking like that, we’d send out an email to our stable of freelancers as well as some friends to get their ideas. One such suggestion was for a toy I had never heard of called Manglors. As you can see in the commercial above, these guys hatched out of eggs and could be squished and stretched. Better yet? You could apparently tear of limbs and reattach them! This seems like crazy future science to me even in 2012. Did anyone have any Manglors? Could they really be de- and reattached? I’d like a firsthand account of these guys.