Quick Movie Review: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)

After checking out the first three Mission: Impossible movies at the end of last year, I was interested in checking out Ghost Protocol. That’s kind of saying a lot because it’s a franchise I’ve forgotten a lot about (including almost all of the third installment, as it turns out). I also have very mixed feelings about Tom Cruise as a person, though he seems to keep doing a good job acting. I’m not sure how I’ll feel after everything shakes out from his divorce from fellow Toledoian and one-time grade school classmate of mine Katie Holmes.

Anyway, this movie wound up being exactly what you want from a M:I movie. You’ve got Cruise and company winding up on the run and on their own (that’s the plot of at least two of the other movies, isn’t it?). But, even if the broad plot strokes seem familiar, director Brad Bird and company did a great job of upping the ante along with the tech. Instead of climbing a mountain, Cruise climbs the tallest building in the world (awesome scene). Instead of dangling in a control room, Jeremy Renner magnetically floats in a ventilation shaft. While I’m not always a big fan of the sequel formula that assumes the new film needs to hit several of the same plot points as the original, I think it was well done in this case.

So, yeah, I really really enjoyed the movie and recommend it for just about anyone who dug the previous flicks or action movies in general. I might have missed it in theaters, but my parents actually have one of those DVD projects and my dad made a screen out of roofing material that he hangs outside, so my wife and I did actually get to see it on the (or a) big screen. Honestly, that’s my favorite way to watch a movie. I’m thinking of just clearing out half our place and turning it into a screening room.