The High Five Podcast Episode 44 – Newer Holiday Horrors!

I hope enjoy these Christmas-themed horror films from the past decade! Sorry for this one coming out after the holiday itself, but it’s still got some goodies!

If you’re interested in reading about a few of the other movies I mentioned, I wrote about Better Watch Out and Sint here, Red Christmas and A Christmas Horror Story here and Rare Exports here!

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My Favorite Newer Horror Movie Experiences Of 2019

Okay, so I already talked about by favorite older horror movie experiences of last year, so now it’s time for the newbies! I rarely see horror films in the theater, but do try to keep up on the new hotness mainly by listening to Shock Waves and hearing what they’re enjoying on any number of streaming services. Between that, the library and my subscription to Netflix DVD (yup, I’m the one keeping them in business, apparently), I try to stay on top of the genre, but miss a lot. These are the ones I caught!

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Halloween Scene: Timecrimes (2007)

I don’t think this will be too long of a post as I didn’t really like Timecrimes. It’s a Spanish time travel/slasher movie that seems really intricate when you’re in the moment, but after thinking about it (even during the movie) it just feels dumb. You’ve got several versions of one guy trying to fix various mistakes the previous versions have made all the while making sure he does the things that will lead to the events that will bring about the mistakes. Does that make sense? Not to me.

My other problem with the movie comes from the first version of the main character, Hector, going back in time a few hours. Now, I would imagine that in the year 2006 pretty much anyone would have at least a rudimentary grasp of time travel. But Hector can’t get over the fact that “some other guy” is in the house with his wife. But it’s you, you idiot! You don’t have to go try and kill yourself or whatever. It’s gaps in logic like that that really threw me out of the movie.

And finally, while it is interesting to see how things eventually play out and what aspects of what Hector saw in the beginning were a result of time traveling Hectors, everything is so obviously telegraphed that it’s not really that interesting. I also have a pet peeve in a movie when the director feels the need to show me something I’ve already seen in the movie. I’ve only been sitting here for like 2 hours, I’m pretty sure I can remember stuff. Well, this movie does that, a lot. And part of it is showing how the stories fit together, but it’s also kind of boring watching a movie 2-3 times in the course of one movie.

All that being said, the “slasher” does look pretty cool even if I don’t like how he got to that point. I guess it’s worth checking out, but don’t expect a revelatory movie. If you want a rad, newer time travel movie do yourself a favor and check out Primer.