Toy Commercial Tuesday: Nerf Blast-A-Matic

I’m finishing off this month of Nerf TCTs with one that I don’t actually remember, but it’s for a product we did have in my house. I think my dad actually got the Blast-A-Matic which shot the then-familiar soft yellow balls, but I was the one who wound up playing with it. I always loved to set up targets, either hand made ones or other toys to test my accuracy and, before the launch of the dart guns, this was a fun, though far less accurate, way to do so. I wouldn’t be surprised if this toy is actually still in my parents house somewhere. Dig that wild commercial, man, balls all over the place!

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Monkees Nerf Ball

Whoa. This is pretty amazing. I had no idea The Monkees used to do commercials for Kool-Aid and their partners Nerf. I grew up with Nerf balls, so I can only imagine what kids in the 70s thought when they first saw these soft balls you could play with inside. Well, that didn’t sound very good, now did it? Anyway, I loved the Monkees as a kid and they were even my first concert in the early 80s on one of their reunion tours, so this commercial brought back a lot of memories even if I don’t remember the spot itself.

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Devon Sawa’s Nerf Arrow Storm Clip

I don’t think I’m done bestowing the virtues of Nerf commercials. As it happens, I’ve got another one here starring an actor who would go on to get popular in the 90s (after last week‘s Seth Green one). Unlike that one, though, I actually remember this commercial. There’s so much going on. Wind tunnel! Fast talking kid! Tassel jacket! Nerf arrow Gatling gun! Fire fight! Ladders! Boxes! A weather man! Some kid getting tortured! You’re welcome for that flashback of awesomeness.

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Seth Green’s Nerf Slingshot Commercial

After seeing that awesome Nerf gun a few days back I’ve had Nerf on the brain which got me thinking about classic Nerf commercials. And what’s the first one that comes up? Seth Green’s radical one hawking the Nerf Slingshot in a strange accent. I actually heard him talk about this on Opie and Anthony back when they were still on in New York and he said the commercial director told him to put on that accent for some reason. Anyway, I remember the Slingshot, it was a lot of fun, though doesn’t have the firepower of the pull-back guns. I also remember hair like Seth sports in this commercial and it fills my head with nightmares. Does any age group ever look back on what they wore in high school and think they looked awesome?