Scott Adkins Kicks All Kinds Of Face In Ninja 2 Trailer

When it comes to up and coming action stars, we here at Explosions Are Rad are huge fans of Scott Adkins. If you haven’t seen him in Ninja, Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning or The Expendables 2, we highly recommend remedying that right now (the last two are on Netflix Instant streaming right now). So, to hear he’s working on a second Ninja film called either Ninja 2 or Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear, depending on the source is good news.

The new movie finds him exacting revenge on the people who murdered his pregnant wife, a journey that pits him against Kane Kosugi (son of Revenge Of The Ninja star Sho Kosugi) and plenty of other faces to kick. Isaac Florentine, who helmed the first Ninja as well as the second and third Undisputed movies will return as director.

[via Asian Movie Pulse]