The High Five Podcast Episode 11 – The Amazon Queue Clean-Up

On this week’s episode of The High Five Podcast, you get to hear about the movies I dug after cleaning out my Amazon Video queue and going all the way back to the beginning of that list!

In the episode I mention both Friday the 13th: A New Beginning and Vertigo Visions: Phantom Stranger. Follow those links if you want to read my thoughts on those stories! Oh and if you’re curious about It’s All Connected 2020, you can check it out here. It was a lot of fun and I hope to integrate this year’s version into the podcast down the line!

Toy Commercial Tuesday: G.I. Joe Ninja Force

I love this commercial. First of all, it’s kind of awesome to see a toy-accurate live action Destro on screen as well as some of the ninjas that made their way into my toy collection. Speaking of my collection, this ad features several figures I actually had as a kid. For me, G.I. Joe was kind of a transitional toy while things like Transformers and He-Man went away, Joe was still around and kept me going through Ninja Turtles and into my Toy Biz Marvel obsession. In the early 90s, the lines were full of gimmicks that seem silly now, but were a lot of fun if you were 9 years old. I mean, who doesn’t love ninjas and gliders? You put those together and you’ve got a hit on your hands.