Favorite Commercial Actor Dan O’Brien In Notre Dame Ad!

I actually first saw this commercial like three weeks ago when the college football season started. I thought it was a Staples commercial which is why it took me so long to track down. Considering the Xerox ad combines my favorite commercial actor Dan O’Brien and my favorite college football team Notre Dame, I was pretty stoked the first time I saw it. Then they repeated the damn thing about 30 times through the course of the game and I was less impressed. Oddly enough, I didn’t see it play at all during the second game of the season against Michigan (a heartbreaker) and completely missed the game last weekend, so I’m not sure if it ran. Anyway, this is the same guy from commercials for places like Dave & Busters, Staples and Yellow Pages. I’m hoping by this time next year he’ll have his own sitcom. Make it happen Hollywood.