Optikk Colored

I posted the black and white version of Optikk here a couple days back and mentioned that I spent some time coloring it with colored pencils. When I was done, I didn’t quite like how it turned out. I conceived the fire mountain/geysers in the back while I was drawing and wish I would have thought it out a little better. Dividing the sections of flame in pen may have been alright in black and white, but I don’t think it works as well for coloring. It was fun coloring some crazy alien stuff that didn’t necessarily have to be based on natural color schemes and blending the colors for Optikk’s armor was fun. I learned some stuff from the process and will hopefully remember them next time I break out the colored pencils.


I got my Masters of the Universe Classics Optikk figure in the mail the other day and it inspired me to draw him in a cool action pose on a strange planet. I have absolutely no knowledge of Optikk’s deal aside from the fact that he’s a Space Mutant from the Adventures of He-Man cartoon. He could be good or bad, I’ve got no idea. Anyway, here’s the drawing. I colored it with colored pencils which might have been ill-advised, but I’ve got stuff to do and will scan it later. Enjoy.