Photo Diary BIG NEWS

Hi folks, you might be wondering why there’s been an even bigger gap between Photo Diary posts than normal. Well, I’ve been thinking for a while about moving the Photo Diary section over to its own little corner of the internet and I’ve finally done that. I went with a pretty simple design using the Blogger platform, giving each entry its own post. I’ve been working on this for a while now, figuring out the proper size of images to use (I’ve been uploading some gigantic ones to UM), copying every image from this site and uploading them to the new one and making sure the background looked interesting. I’ve got to work on a logo, but I wanted to get back to posting Photo Diaries and letting you guys know about the new site.

So, what’s it called, you ask? I went with The Monkee Diaries partly because I thought Photo Diary was a little too generic a title to carry its own site and because I liked The Rum Diary so much. Hopefully, you’ll keep coming back to UnitedMonkee for pop culture reviews and commentary, Pop Poppa for dad-related talk and Monkeying Around The Kitchen for my adventures with food, but if you’re only here for the photo diary entries, no hard feelings. Just make sure to follow the link and either bookmark the site or subscribe via email or RSS feed. I’ve also set it up to post links on my personal Facebook page as well as my Twitter account @PopPoppa.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be removing the Photo Diary posts to make room for other stuff. I’m going to try and copy the comments over and put them in the actual posts, but we’ll see. Head over there right now to see the latest, brand new post!

Casting Internets

Not a ton of links today, but I did a few things with the site and some of my friends have some good stuff going on, so it’s worth a CI!

As usual, me first. If you’re looking to read my Photo Diary entries in one easy place, check out the Photo Diary tab up above or click here.

If you’re interested, my buddy Sean compiled a list of all the posts about Wizard and ToyFare’s demise written and Tweeted by former employees and freelancers on Robot 6.

Speaking of Sean and Robot 6, Tim O’Shea interviewed Sean about his excellent comic Destructor which you can and should read here. The Prison Break story is a favorite of mine and can’t wait to see the full thing in color.

Bloody Disgusting says, via Tony Todd, there might be two more Final Destination flicks. I haven’t seen the fourth, but, seeing as how this is my favorite latter day horror franchise, I’ve got no complaints.