The Kid From Picket Fences Is Kind Of A Dick

I watch a lot of Bravo, you guys. I’m not really proud of it, but they have some pretty good shows. And by “pretty good” I mean less morally reprehensible than VH1. Anyway, I’ve been seeing commercials for this guy, who claims to be a big time actor on an upcoming episode of Millionaire Matchmaker for what seems like months now (really, they just show their commercials about 20 times during any given hour long spot).Dude looked familiar to me, but I couldn’t quite place him. So, I stumbled upon the episode after being blown away by Life After People and finally found out who he is. The kid from Eerie, Indiana and Picket Fences. Also known as Justin Shenkarow.In the beginning of the episode he comes off as a crazy egomaniac. He goes on about winning an Oscar, but according to the IMDb Awards page for him, he’s only been nominated for a SAG award based on being a part of the Picket Fences ensemble and I’m pretty sure they didn’t win. He didn’t even win a freakin Young Artist Award, according to that page. He also name drops people like crazy, though as best I can tell, he does mostly additional voices for real movies like Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties and New Moon. He proves throughout the rest of the episode to be kind of a d-bag who gives a girl who has had to become a waitress thanks to the shitty economy shit. And hey, maybe that’s a sensitive topic to someone who lost their job in the last five or so months, but I kind of wanted to punch him.