Toy Commercial Tuesday: Police Academy

It’s pretty crazy when you think about how many aspects of pop culture the Police Academy franchise touched in the ten years between the first and last movie. Most people remember the seven movies featuring a group of goof-up cops trying to make it through police school and later protecting various people, but there was also a live action TV show, an animated series and even a toy line.

I was the perfect age to think that the Police Academy movies were pure gold when they were coming out. I even have vague memories of the two different shows and the toy line, specifically that Zed one that not only skateboards, but also drops his pants.

According to Toy Archive, the line was only active for one year, but it produced two waves of action figures, some deluxe toys, vehicles, role play items and even a playset that reminds me of the Ghostbusters Fire House playset.

If you’re wondering why I thought to look for Police Academy toy commercials this week, it’s because I’m fairly certain Andy Samberg has one of the Mahoney figures on his desk in Fox’s excellent Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I can’t seem to find the clip online, but if anyone remembers what episode it was from, drop me a comment.