Toy Commercial Tuesday: Remco’s Energized Spider-Man & Spider-Copter

This one was supposed to go up yesterday, but thanks to some technical differentiates (I forgot the schedule the post), it didn’t! Anyway, here’s an amazing looking Remco Spider-Man toy that would have delighted me to no end had I been alive in 1979 (or found one in relatively good condition at a garage sale some years later).

This version of Spidey not only climbs up his own webs but also comes with a working flashlight? That seems a little odd, but as a kid, it would have seemed a lot rad. He also has Spider Sense which seems to translate into a hole in his head you could look through that would make external images look like they were moving in some way. All in all it’s a pretty damn cool looking — and enormous — toy that also fit perfectly on a Spider Copter. I had a Matchbox car-type version of that machine as a kid and think it’s still got one of the cooler heli-designs around. Webs for blades!

Ad It Up: The Saga Of Crystar

Had I thought ahead a little more, I would have done some awesome blog synergy and posted a Crystar toy commercial over on Toy Chest Central yesterday for Toy Commercial Tuesday, but alas, I’m kind of flying by the seat of my pants here. Babies apparently don’t prepare for themselves, who’d a thunk it? Anyway, here we have a pretty rad looking ad for Crystar action figures that I scanned from the first issue of the 1984 Jack Of Hearts miniseries from Marvel. The Saga Of Crystar started life as an idea from Marvel Comics who pitched it around to various action figure companies. Remco bit and the results were a coordinated effort to make both toys and comics based on the idea. I’ve heard good things about the series and Danzig was clearly a fan, but I’ve also never gotten my hands on any of these toys. I’d be curious to find out why the ad is made up of artwork instead of actual toy images. For more information on the overall concept, check out the Wiki page and to see the figures, head over to The Virtual Toy Chest (no relation, but an awesome repository of action figure images).