Rocky 7 To Focus on Apollo Creed’s Grandson

carl_weathers_rocky Sylvester Stallone’s got at least one more Rocky movie in the works. According to Deadline, Sylvester Stallone will return as the Italian Stallion in a film called Creed that follows the exploits of Apollo Creed’s grandson as Rocky comes out of retirement to train him. Since Carl Weathers’ character didn’t fare so well against Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, don’t expect him to come back. His grandson will be played by Michael B. Jordan (ChronicleFruitvale Station). Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler is helming the project and co-writing with Aaron Covington.
michael b jordan chronicle

Per Deadline:

Raised in an upper-crust home thanks to the ring riches earned by his grandfather, the young man doesn’t have to box and his family doesn’t want him to. Yet, he has the natural instinct and gifts and potential that made his grandfather the heavyweight champion until Rocky Balboa took his crown in 1979′s Rocky II. Creed’s grandson needs a mentor and turns to Balboa, who is out of boxing completely and not eager to return.

I’m not nearly as familiar with the Rocky films as I should be, but every time I see the first few, I enjoy the experience. Plus, even though I haven’t seen 2006’s Rocky Balboa, I love that movie for helping Stallone get back into the kinds of movies he should be making instead of goofy 90s junk.

T ‘n’ T: Talking With Mr. T August 17th, 2006

While working in the research department I got to talk to a lot of cool people both comic and Hollywood celebs alike. But, for a long time, my absolute favorite interview was when when I got the chance to talk to Mr. T for his then-upcoming show I Pity The Fool on TV Land. I don’t think I ever watched an episode of the show and this seven page interview resulted in a small info piece in the Hollywood section, but the experience of talking and listening to one of my childhood heroes made the whole thing worthwhile. The interview takes a little while to get going, but the highlight is when he started doing his lines from Rockey 3. I guess that’s more entertaining when listening to the actual recording, but I recommend reading the interview in his voice. Frankly, I recommend reading EVERYTHING in his voice, but you get the idea. Hit the jump for the FULL interview. Continue reading T ‘n’ T: Talking With Mr. T August 17th, 2006