JPValderramaTerminator_FirstEdition-copy-600x400There’s a robot themed art show at Hero Complex Gallery kicking off this weekend called Bleeding Metallics. Check out Collider‘s preview for the show. I’m a big fan of this Terminator art by JP Valderrama.

Deadline‘s saying that the solid opening Pacific Rim had in China recently greatly increases the chances of a sequel. Seeing as how the movie was awesome, that’s great news. If that is the case, it raises a few questions. Will incredibly busy director Guillermo del Toro direct? If so, when? If not, who will take his place and make a movie that can top this one?

Harry Potter director David Yates might make a Scarface remake. The two versions that came before it are solidly in the classics section of moviedom, so what chance does Yates have of adding something great to the franchise? [via Deadline]

Ed Harris is in talks to co-star with Liam Neeson in his latest old-guy-kicking-ass film called Run All Night, TheWrap reports. The pair will be joined by RoboCop remake and The Killing star Joel Kinnaman.

“Why do I always end up in camo?” Dolph Lundgren asked on Instagram. Answer? “Because you’re awesome.”

Is Akira Rolling Right Along With Jaume Collet-Serra?


Warner Bros. apparently isn’t giving up on the idea of turning beloved Manga-turned-Anime Akira into a big time Hollywood movie. Variety reports that Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown, Orphan) is talking to the studio about returning as the director of the adaptation. Collet-Serra was previously attached to the project but bailed last year after production delays.

Between leaving and getting back into talks with WB, Collett-Serra re-teamed with Unknown star Liam Neeson on two more projects,  one called Non-Stop that will be out on February 28th, 2014 and another titled Run All Night.

Collett-Serra must have a pretty solid vision for the film if Warners is looking to work with him again after all this time. Variety went on to say that the studio paid somewhere in the millions for the rights to make the film which many fans think can’t be done or done well, at least.