My Favorite Bands Of 2011

As I mentioned when I ran down my favorite new records of 2011, there were a handful of bands that I got into more so than just picking up an album of theirs this year. These are bands who I was either already diving into when a new record came out this year or just finally got around to listening to after years of neglect and ignorance on my part.

First off, I spent the beginning and much of the rest of 2011 listening to The White Stripes. I got most of the records I didn’t already have for Christmas 2010 and rocked out to them for a good part of the year. That band rocks my face off in such different and awesome ways, but I already wrote about Jack White extensively towards the end of 2010, so I’m just going to link to that post as it still sums up my thoughts. I also really got into the Foo Fighters this year picking up their records either digitally or at yard sales on the cheap, but I wrote about them already too. So, now on to the new stuff! Continue reading My Favorite Bands Of 2011

Two Shockingly Violent Music Vidoes

I’ve been turning VH1 on in the morning as background music while I work and noticed a pair of crazy-violent vidoes. First up The Black Keys’ video for “Tighten Up” which not only has kids wailing on each other but also the dudes in the band WITH THEIR INSTRUMENTS!

The other one is Maroon 5’s “Misery” video, which, I have no problem admitting, I do not get at all. Are they supposed to be superheroes?

When I said they’re shockingly violent I don’t mean that I’m offended by them in any way. I was just surprised that VH1 fare would have so many asses being kicked all over the place.