The Next Challenge Is Called Battle Of The Exes

Yesterday I was working on some stuff and realized that, because I didn’t see the Real World: San Diego finale, I most likely missed the trailer for whatever the next season of The Challenge would be. So, I hopped on Wiki and found out that it’s called Battle Of The Exes and will pair up people who have been in relationships in the game. It’s a pretty gnarly concept with pairs that range from the intense like CT and Diem to the mundane like Nate and Priscilla from this past season who didn’t really have any kind of relationship aside from an almost hook-up one drunk night. Other highlights include Wes and Mandi, Abram and Cara Maria (didn’t even know they broke up) and Real World season sweethearts Ty and Emily from DC and Dustin and Heather as well as Leroy and Naomi from the second Vegas season. Mark and Robin are also being teamed up which is interesting because 1) I forgot they got together and 2) Mark retired for like three seasons from Challenges and I’m glad to see him back. For the full list, hit that Wiki link which not only shows everyone in the cast, but also explains their history.

The trailer looks pretty packed with built-in drama, but there are a few non-relationship factors at play here that I’m most interested in. First off, Johnny doesn’t have his pals Kenny and Evan to piggyback on this time around so it will be interesting to see how he plays the game. In fact, looking at the people in this squad, he probably won’t have many friends. I’m also curious to see how Leroy does this time around. He not only made it to the finals last time, but also has Dustin and Heather around. I’m not sure how the voting will be handled, but those four basically have a built-in unit of support which could work to their advantage if they stick around long enough. I’m always curious to see how newbies do and this time around that’s Nate and Priscilla. Nate seems like a competitive dude, but I wouldn’t bet much on Priscilla’s ability to handle herself well in either the house or the competition. I didn’t see them in the trailer, so I’m guessing they don’t last long. Finally, I wonder if the only girl-girl team of Aneesa and Rachel will have an advantage or not. A lot of these challenges seem to bank on a large weight or height discrepancy between parterns, since they’re closer in size to one another than most of the pairs, that might be good for them. I guess we’ll see, the series kicks off on January 25th.