The High Five Podcast Episode 39 – Halloween Post Mortem

After a two week break due to a nasty virus, I’m back with an episode clearing up scare season content! I close out It’s All Connected 2021 with the last five films I watched for that series (look for the final version of the poster soon) and then get into some other films, comics, books and shows that I made my way through for Halloween!

New Marvel What The?! Rags On Twilight, Makes Me Laugh

My buddies who work on the Marvel Super Heroes What The–?! banged out another hit today over on with this Twilight parody using the Marvel Legends Monsters box set from a few years back. Well done sirs! If you don’t laugh at Dracula’s line “These kids today with their emo vampires and too-tight trousers” you’re out of your mind.

I can’t say I have a personal problem with Twilight because it hasn’t affected me in any kind of personal way. I can only say that the chaste vampire craze is a bit weird, that’s not how Sita, the star of Christopher Pike’s book series The Last Vampire rolled.

Just saying.